Scarlett's story

“I always feel pretty nervous mentioning anything about my Crohn’s. As a twenty 20-year-old female, it’s certainly not at the top of my conversation topic list.

But telling people and receiving absolutely no judgement was amazing.

Talking about my condition and my personal struggles has helped me massively with the social anxiety that the disease brings with it. It makes such a difference – especially if the people you’re with know what you struggle with and what your personal limits are.

My best friend knows me better than I know myself sometimes, and it’s such a relief because I’m definitely one of those people who pushes their body beyond what it can take.

The response I got from my close friends was amazing.

They offered so much support and the most common response was pretty much always along the lines of, “You have Crohn’s? No way! I never would’ve guessed.” Without them I wouldn’t have gotten through the obstacles this disease has thrown at me, and I’ve never regretted telling anyone.”

Scarlett, living with Crohn’s Disease