Charlie's story

“I’ve had so many conversations about my Colitis that it’s almost become one of my opening lines.

But a time that stands out most is when I went on a date with my now-wife. We’d met on a night bus on the way home from town and arranged a meet up over text in a local bar.

On our first date I told her that I might keep disappearing off to the loo due to my Colitis. She took it in her stride, with a sip of her wine. Despite my regular visits to the WC she didn’t seem to mind!

I told her then it’s part of me and a big part of my life. If she didn’t like it, I would have known then that it wasn’t going any further.


I’ve never been afraid to share my condition with others, but it was incredible to know this woman that I really fancied was accepting of it.

My advice? Just be open and honest.”

Charlie, living with Ulcerative Colitis