Marcus' Story

I was always apprehensive about telling people I had Crohn's, particularly when I was a teenager and when I first started working, because of the embarrassing symptoms.

I’ve always been ambitious and didn't want to be treated differently by employers. I told my second boss when I got sick and had to have my second resection and he was fine, very understanding. It was a relief when I told him. We’re still good friends today and work together on projects.

I was always nervous telling anyone about Crohn's but that has reduced as I have gotten older, and I guess more confident. I now view all afflictions as superpowers.

Afflictions and challenges are often what drive people to succeed. Crohn's has really driven me through my work and my personal life – I’ve not allowed myself to be defined by it. I went on to set up my own business and I’ve been my own boss for the last 20 years.

My advice to those who are yet to start their own conversations…Just do it. You will feel so much better after you have told people.

Marcus, living with Crohn’s Disease