Tasha's Story

I had just gone back to school after being diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease. One of my good friends asked why I was off for so long. I knew there was no point in making up a story because she would probably find out sooner or later, so I told her I had Crohn’s.

She didn’t know anything about it. I told her about the symptoms and how I was feeling. She was really supportive and told me if I needed to talk then she would be there to listen. She has been by my side ever since.

Once I told my friend, I knew there was nothing to be embarrassed about. At the end of the day the condition was and still is a part of my life, so I like to tell people about it.

If you want to tell people about your Crohn’s or Colitis, just tell them. If they are your friend, they will still care for you and respect you exactly the same as they did before they knew. So what if the condition involves you talking about bowels? Everyone goes to the toilet at the of the day, so why should you keep it a secret?

Tasha, living with Crohn’s Disease